Manzo Design London is a sustainable, Scandinavian inspired, minimalist homeware brand.

Focusing on design and quality with every piece made.

We are driven to help make the planet a better place through our eco conscious materials and practices. 

All items are handmade and finished by founder Nicky in her East London studio.


Our Story

In 2019, Manzo Design London all started as an experiment in Nicky's parents garage. 

What started as a hobby, soon grew into an Etsy shop success during Lockdown 1.0.

Now Manzo Design London is sold both online and in various retail stores across the UK.

Nicky's aim is to create modern, sustainable designs at an accessible price point, something she struggled to find herself when decorating her home.

Looking After Our Planet

We focus on working towards a cleaner planet in order to protect the livelihood of future generations.

From the designs we make, to the packaging they are sent in, we ensure our materials are ethically sourced and have minimal environmental impact.

All our items are made from a material called Jesmonite, which is a water based, non solvent, micro concrete.

Jesmonite is a sustainable product as you do not need to have a controlled environment when using the material. It is also not damaging to the environment; it doesn’t need chemicals and masses of room to use large equipment.

Any left over material is used to create new products which would otherwise be thrown away, these are sold in our sample sales, helping us work towards as zero waste policy.